*As a BIPOC, Cydney has decided to gear her support and services toward the BIPOC community. She takes those within this community as her priority clientele in order to uplift the prenatal, birthing and postpartum mother of color and her family, as well as to drastically decrease the well known maternal and fetal mortality rates in the Black community. This does not mean that she does not support non-BIPOC individuals and families. Cydney will also expand support to Black women through pre-conception education in the very near future. 
*If you would like to become a sponsor so that a BIPOC pregnant person can work with me, contact me for a donation link.   

Traditional Home Birth Support:
Invest in a fully-supported birthing experience; from the practical to the spiritually relevant puzzle pieces of pregnancy and birth. 

Postpartum Chef Services:
Invest in a soul-FULLY supported
start of your postpartum healing journey.
Experience meal preparation based on your desires and rich in the principles of Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine. 

Womban woven childbirth education and preparation:
A 5 week series, 1 class each week, dedicated to informing you beyond the anatomy and physiology of pregnancy, labor/birth and the postpartum period.  We are diving deep into your own individual truths, desires and how to own your inner wisdom throughout this sacred initiation and transition. 
Class 1: The Spiritual, Emotional and Mental Bodies in Pregnancy and Beyond
Class 2: Receiving Prenatal Care from  Self and Others
Class 3: The Anatomy and Physiology of Labor and Birth
Class 4: Interventions and Natural Labor Relief
Class 5: Optimizing Postpartum Preparation

Customized Bone Broth:
Experience the many benefits from a nutrient rich bone (or veggie) broth to optimize your postpartum body's healing journey.  Learn more about these benefits and your body's healing requirements through the button below.