Traditional Postpartum Chef

Nourishing the sacred of your postpartum journey

Are you seeking healthy and wholesome meal options that optimize your healing during your postpartum period? 

Hi, Cydney here. I have decided to combine my love of preparing and providing wholesomely delicious meals with my passion for supporting the health and well being of newly mothers, and their families. The first 40 days (especially) of your postpartum period are said to be the most important; as this is a time to bond with baby, and rejuvenate through much rest and hearty foods. I know just how tough it may be to have to think about what you're going to fuel your body with after your birth experience. This is where I come into play with my combined passions.


Here's what I'd like to offer you:

-Tools to establish a conscious eating practice such as prayer, intentions while preparing foods, and the habit of grateful eating.

-I want to cook for you based on what you like. So tell me, what do you enjoy to eat? What foods make you feel cozy, and at home? 

-Based on what you like, I will come up with a few simple meals, for a 40 day period, that can be easily repeated and stored away as leftovers to reheat. 

-The option for cooking to occur in your home or in my home.

-Herbs can play a huge role in your postpartum journey to healing. Would you want to incorporate them into your foods for optimum nourishment and healing?









Example Meals: 

Mother's Milk Overnight Oats

Bone Broth


Dandelion, Chicken and Grains Soup

Plantain Pancakes 

Lactation Bites

Herbal Teas


Tom Kha Gai














*This is for you if:

-You desire cozy and wholesome foods during this sacred time.

-You seek support in creating healthy recipes to cook in the comfort of your home. 

-You would like to experience the healing benefits of herbs in the form of teas and bath blends.  

-You would like support in making a positive change in your daily food nourishment. 



-Starts at $1555 for 2 persons

-Sliding scale up to $3333 for up to 5 persons

*This includes 5 hours of cooking per week + driving + grocery shopping


*If You Are a YES, You Will Receive:

-A FREE consultation call over Zoom

-One weekly visit for food delivery or preparation

-This weekly visit includes a day of your choice + the option of Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

-A variety of delicious and wholesome snacks

-Your choice of a weekly herbal infusion or herbal bath blend

-If the food is prepared in your home I will also clean-up after cooking

Payment Options: 

*A payment plan option is available; please get in touch for more info. 

-Deposit: Half of payment total required upon waiver signing

-Remainder of payment is due by the last week of service

Pumpkin Soup and Garnish