Customized Postpartum Broth

Intentionally healing your postpartum body and organs. 


Whether it's made up of vegetables, meat and bones w/marrow, chicken feet, miso, mushrooms, etc, broth has proven to greatly assist a newly postpartum woman in a more rapid healing process for the body and organs.  

Usually consisting of root veggies, bay leaves, fresh peppercorns, vinegar, meat and bones with marrow, chicken feet, and spices, you might have an idea of just why these nourishing and natural ingredients provide the ultimate nutrients required for healing.  

The newly postpartum body is fragile (especially internally) from organs shifting during pregnancy and onset contractions during labor.  In order for the organs (uterus included) to take form again, they require much rest, and not much physical movement or standing.  They also require replenishing through nutrients like iron, protein, fats, magnesium, potassium, and omegas to name a few.  Much like what is required during pregnancy to grow a healthy fetus and achieve a body ready to labor and birth, this specified consumption is required for the newly postpartum woman as well.  


Bone broths, soups, strong herbal teas, and red meat consumption are the best and easiest ways to assure that these required nutrients are being met.  Each of these foods/drinks contain the necessary nutrients for pregnancy and postpartum that are mentioned above.  They also have another thing in common that is too required and preferred for optimal postpartum healing.  They are served hot and provide a warming quality to the organs and body.  


Though it is important that a newly postpartum woman is consuming foods and fluids at a warm temperature, it is also important that the ingredients also contain a warming quality.  For example, adding fresh ginger, cinnamon, clove, etc. to a broth or soup automatically makes this dish warming for the body because of the actions and properties that these spices contain and produce.   *Ask me about herbal support for optimizing postpartum healing.  

We may all have in common the idea that these warming quality foods also aid in our emotional and mental health too.  When we have a hot, home cooked meal we tend to feel more safe, secure, at peace and ease about all else occurring around us.  I strongly believe and can attest to this in my own childhood to adulthood experience.  It is the reason that I always looked forward to being in my grandmother's presence.  I knew that she could and would provide me hot nourishing food that brought me comfort.  

For these very reasons I have decided to offer custom bone broths to my community of newly postpartum women and families. All sourced ingredients are organic + grass fed or pasture raised, and free range.  Bone broth can be stored away in the freezer for up to 6 months!  It will still provide these nutrients at that time, after thawing and heating up.  I offer this delivery service to those in Los Angeles, Pasadena, South Bay, Northern Orange County, Long Beach, and Western Inland Empire areas.  


*Fresh peppercorns, flowers and frozen chicken bone broth

To place your custom broth order please view and submit the form below when you're ready.  If you have any questions about the available options please use the contact page to get in touch.