Womban Woven Childbirth Education + Preparation

A 5 week series (1 class each week) dedicated to informing you beyond the anatomy and physiology of pregnancy, labor/birth and the postpartum period.  We are diving deep into your own individual truths, desires and how to own your inner wisdom throughout this sacred initiation and transition while using the resource of evidence based information, science. **This class is a requirement for all persons within my care.  Please reach out through the contact page above, if you are a lower income BIPOC, for reduced fee access to this course.  

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This Is For You If:
-you desire to claim your inner wisdom ways
-you are ready to expand your awareness of this sacred initiation beyond its current social construct
-you seek support in honoring your primal parenting instincts
-you desire to prepare physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually for this initiation
-you are willing to surrender to the conscious requirements of this experience
-you seek the tools to optimize your prenatal and postpartum experience


Womban Woven Childbirth Ed + Preparation is Beyond childbirth education! This series touches on the following: mental and emotional health, conscious conception and parenting, prenatal and postpartum nutrition, community as the key to wellness during this time, optimal tools and resources for a conscious pregnancy, labor/birth and postpartum + the technocratic approach to pregnancy, labor and birth.  These teachings really honor the whole experience for both the feminine and masculine involved but especially the mother. This series uplifts and reflects the divine purpose of the feminine entity while embracing the tools that conscious masculine offers to humanity. 

Womban Woven Childbirth Ed Objectives:
The Spiritual, Mental and Emotional bodies in Pregnancy and Beyond
To bring awareness to and encourage consideration towards the sacredness and spiritual responsibility that comes with pregnancy, birth and parenthood.
-To acknowledge the mental and emotional health possibilities and effects on the mother, partner and baby, especially during pregnancy and newly postpartum as well as provide resources to support mental and emotional wellbeing during these two periods.

Receiving Prenatal Care From Self and Others

-To encourage self care in the mother and partner during pregnancy as well as inform them of resources and tools to develop a daily self care practice.

-To inspire mothers and partners to make a connection between the care they give themselves and the care they will receive from the HCP (midwife, OB, nurses, etc.) as well as inform them of what optimal care from their HCP might look like and otherwise. 

The Anatomy and Physiology of Labor and Birth

-To inform listeners of the anatomical and physiological processes of pregnancy, labor and birth from the perspective of the woman and fetus. 

-To encourage consideration towards the value of time in labor and birth + the value of allowing labor and birth to unfold naturally, as it was designed to. 

Interventions and Natural Tools for Labor Relief

-To bring awareness to the many forms of labor/birth and pregnancy interventions (not just medical ones).

-To provide information about the many natural labor relief mechanisms and inspire clients to find what mechanisms really resonate with them and their desired experience/outcome.

Optimizing Postpartum Preparation

-Optimal ways to honor this recent initiation, and step into your new reality unapologetically.

-To bring awareness and acknowledgement to the first 40 days postpartum as sacred, and to shed a massive light on the importance of community support for the new family and postpartum woman.

-To inspire the reawakening of the divine feminine within each viewer/listener through a lens that honors woman and mother as the heart of humanity.

Exchange: $222.00
*sliding scale of $166 - $222 available to BIPOC families