Cydney Johnson


"My journey as a well woman practitioner began when I decided to actively pursue a work that uplifts all life on this planet on a daily basis. I decided to train as a birth attendant, and then continue my education of fertility awareness, natural childbirth, conscious conception and women's internal wellness by embarking upon the journey of midwifery with Indie Birth Midwifery School and  traditional midwifery with Mamma Clare Lo Prissi. My own practice of herbalism and nutrition has attracted my education of Ayurvedic, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Traditional Black Southern principles in the herbal medicine making and postpartum food preparation for all women I offer care. 


 Outside of my well woman and family services you may find me as a facilitator or teacher at a women's retreat, sharing the ancient bodily knowledge in honor of our sacred sisterhood or tending to the informing of our brothers and sisters through Womban Woven Childbirth Education.  


My own personal journey with exploring the wellness of my whole body, and especially my womb, has come a long way but is EVER continuing.  Through the opening of my heart and mind, I have been blessed with the gift of self awareness.  I have come to accept and respect that I do have the power and resources to assess my own health and well-being.  These resources lie within me and around me within Mother Earth.  With this acceptance and a growing desire to understand and connect with my body and the Earth as a whole, I have been able to inspire my fellow sisters in doing the same.  A few ways in which I have grown my capacity to show up for my body include: using my menses as a tool to understand my liver, kidneys and gut health, and therefore the health of my uterus; yoni steaming through the knowledge of herbalism for women, food as a healing modality, movement like dance for releasing static energy in all areas of my body, understanding the yes and no sensations from my yoni, conscious contraception through the Fertility Awareness Method, and so much more!   


As a well woman practitioner and advocate, I have come to value the purposeful role that I have been assigned as an educator, friend, and physical, emotional, and spiritual support system, from all birthing women to the families desiring to conceive and the young woman beginning her moon time.  I desire to be a light of hope, inviting each individual to experience the true feeling of empowerment through the confidence, strength and inner wisdom of the authentic self.  We were never meant to do life alone, at any stage!

Whatever your desired experience may be, I wish for you to know that this is my purpose in this work, and that I am devoted to the facilitation of you honoring your body's internal knowing and creating that experience."


With honor,